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Marketplace For Ads

We let users buy and sell ad spaces in Singapore- especially the unorthodox ad spaces like on the inside of books.

Listing with us is Free! We take a 10% transaction fee from sellers to keep us going. Buyers can use us for free. 

There are the regular ad spaces like newspapers, magazines, etc. 

And there are the unorthodox like 

Digital and Physical Menus, Youtube Channels,

Podcasts, Telegram Channels, Blogs,

Paper Bags and Paper Boxes,

Takeaway Boxes, Banners Behind Your House,

In Restaurants, Inside Parcels,

Exhibition Halls and Booths, Vehicles, Mobile Applications, In books, and more.

We welcome everything, in doing so, we cover out of home advertising (OOH) outdoors extensively while still including online ad spaces that are overlooked.

To buy or sell, send us a text on Whatsapp or Email and we'll take it from there. 

Don't see your ad space's category? Let us know and it'll be created.

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