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The Place to Buy and Sell Ad Spaces You Have In Singapore.
We welcome unorthodox ad spaces for sale.

How It Works


Sellers list the ad space they have for buyers to bid


Buyers make an offer for ad spaces and provide details


Seller accepts offer and rollout the ad

Cup of coffee

List Any Ad Space

Yes, seriously. 

Own a restaurant and want to let others advertise on your menu? You can do it with us. 

Ad space using your car? Done.


Magazines and Billboards? Easy.

Even Books or Parcels? Yes.

Telegram Channels? Yup.

Whether it's Out-of-Home Advertising or Online Advertising in Singapore,


the possibilities are endless.


Seller's With Ad Spaces
Find It Hard to Sell Their Space

Reaching out through cold emails or advertising through your own ad space isn't enough. 

 Buyers are competing in established spaces with no edge

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. It's a fight for attention with no edge in the same few spaces.

Marketplace for Ads as the solution

You get to buy established ad spaces like magazines and billboards. 

But more interestingly, you can buy unorthodox ad spaces like the side of cars or podcasts for ad spaces that reach many that few are using.

Roadmap and Future Plans

  • Buyer and Seller Independent Login Page

  • Campaign Management

  • Negotiation between Buyers and Sellers Directly

  • More ad spaces

  • Detailed Categorisation, and filters to sort type / impressions / price / location

  • Worldwide Expansion and more...

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